The baggage journey reimagined

Computer-vision software that creates a digital layer over existing airport infrastructure. Baggage intelligence for airports, airlines and ground handlers made available through APIs.

Comply and innovate

Smart baggage solutions

We develop data, API and algorithm based software designed to create a much smarter baggage journey.

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Why BagsID?

BagsID is the only end-to-end solution for baggage digital recognition

Get the picture

Our aim is to have a profile of every check-in bag. With this, digitisation becomes easy.


Shape, size, colour and damage. We make any baggage distinguishable in our growing database.

Computer vision

Artificial intelligence and image recognition. Our algorithms are trained exclusively on baggage.

Smart integration

Non-disruptive and developed with existing airport infrastructure in mind. Simple connections via powerful APIs.

Global network

The backbone for baggage

For the airlines and airports of tomorrow, baggage intelligence is a necessity. Our global team works with leading airlines and airports worldwide, comparing thousands of baggage images hourly, and processing collected data.

50 million

Bag profiles acquired into our database by 2024.


Read-rate, significantly outperforming barcodes.

Integration made easy

APIs that disrupt without being disruptive

Baggage systems are complex, that's why we developed BagsID as an easy to integrate, stand-alone software. No huge investments or hardware changes, just cameras, data connectivity, and APIs. Integration made easy.

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Smart tools

APIs that connect to industry standard systems.

Innovative cameras

We recommend Sick, Cognex or Basler.

Fair pricing

Integrated pricing per API call. No hidden fees.

Smart solutions

Discover what is available today and in the future.

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