A better solution for baggage

Partnering with BagsID gives companies the opportunity to vastly improve their performance and use quantified and qualified data to foster innovation for their future. That's why here at BagsID, we partner with the leading companies in the baggage arena. By working together, the future is brighter.

BHS providers

The backbone of baggage

The baggage handling system is the beating heart of any airport. Designed to move a bag from point-to-point, through a network of conveyors, using automation to read bag tags and sort for flight. The BagsID network using Baggage profiling aims to streamline, de-tag and improve performance of existing installed BHS systems with relative ease and disruption. We work with the global leaders in BHS management and development on joint product development, API access, data and revenue models and more.

Cloud capabilities

Optimal application performance

BagsID is cloud-agnostic. This, combined with smart edge processing, gives optimal application performance regardless of which primary cloud vendor is chosen. Depending on local data compliance, regulations and data residency rules, BagsID can also link to on-premise infrastructure (eg Airport Data Centres). At Bags ID, we are partnered with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.


Leading camera technology


A more efficient process

Specific equipment for baggage handling outside the BHS includes bag-drops, screening technology, belt loaders, weighing scales, lost and found storage, baggage carousels but also screening tables. These are all moments where a picture can make the difference and data can be shared or validated. Processes can run more efficiently. We work with well-known suppliers and are open to new relevant collaborations.


Keep control of your baggage

BagsID develops APIs that seamlessly connect to existing systems in the baggage process. Think of Baggage Reconcilliation Systems, (new generation) Departure Control Systems or BHS control systems, no matter if it is a stand alone local system. We are happy to help your organisation on its way.

Luggage brands

Recognition algorithm based on different datasets

BagsID dataset to date exceeds 50 million baggage objects. For every bag in that dataset CAD drawings ,PIM Data, and historical production data have provided us with information for a large number of hard, soft and moulded case types. We're looking to work with manufacturers to expand this dataset through detailed production data, and further enhance the passenger journey. A win-win for production, passenger and provider alike.

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