About BagsID

The future of baggage

How it works

Profiling baggage across the world

BagsID is more than just recognition technology. A combination of computer vision and deep learning algorithms, it knows what it sees and how to interperate this data for usefull tools.

At BagsID we are reimaging the future of baggage intelligence by building the most effective AI-powered baggage recognition solution in the aviation industry. Computer Vision, AI and data are crucial for the next phase of aviation.

Richard Camman, CEO, BagsID

Visual recognition over barcodes

Access to the worlds largest image database

The BagsID network is triggered when a bag image is received via our API, from anywhere along its journey. Algorithms classify the bag and apply business rules, matching it to an image-set in our library with incredible accuracy.

Air travel with baggage should be easy

Elevated baggage intelligence

Our AI technology is incredibly accurate. It can identify seemingly identical baggage and match it to its owner. Providing amongst other things smarter loading, more efficient use of cargo space, and increased fraud prevention. We not only save you money but help you make more.

Our team

Changing baggage for good

Our team of data scientists works to optomise how airports and airlines are able to offer better service while keeping costs down and becoming more profitable and sustainable.

No bag tags

Reliable, convenient and efficient. Visual intelligence to challenge the industry.


A seamless journey for bag and passenger alike.


Inspiring the industry

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