BagsID for airports

Change the game without changing your airport

BagsID is baggage recognition technology, designed as an API-based Software-as-a-Service, which can be easily integrated with existing airport infrastructure. Computer vision and deep learning algorithms recognise patterns in baggage flows and time. Images are captured by cameras at strategic touch points. The core technology of BagsID is centered around the ability to identify, validate, match, extract and store data from baggage.

Computer vision technology

Capturing images, capturing value

At any given moment of the day, there are 14 million bags in the air and we know relatively little about them and that must change. With the computer vision technology from BagsID, today's problems will soon be a thing of the past. Our recognition technology ensures that there is a data profile of each suitcase, without relying on a paper or RFID tag. BagsID recognises a suitcase based on a photo and combines that with important data as well.

Data and network

Network driven data for a tag less tomorrow


The data we collect from a bag tells us something about its features, wear, damage, and other characteristics. We combine this with geolocation, business rules and specific information about a journey. We explicitly do not store any privacy-sensitive information about passengers or persons, only information about the baggage object.


We create a network where a bag is in sight from departure to arrival. A worldwide network of airports that can all recognize a suitcase based on a photo, use smart tools and provide airlines with the useful information. The more airports that install cameras and use BagsID software, the closer we get to our goal: travel based on virtual bag profiles, without paper or RFID tags.

Data processing

We have the EDGE

There are endless new opportunities with baggage recognition technology. New data streams open up new revenue generation possibilities. Previously unavailable applications reduce cost, improve performance, benefit the passenger and the planet. Our technology is developed with the earth in mind. Reducing waste, energy consumption and emissions. 

Data is king. Collected data offers a better service to airlines and passengers. Using advanced EDGE processing, we equip your airport with the camera's, data connections and connectivity, with minimal change to your existing infrastructure.

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