Senior Data Engineer

Company Description:

Headquartered in the Netherlands, BagsID is bringing biometrics to baggage. Today, only a barcode printed on a bag tag attached to bags are being used to identify, track and sort your bag as it travels across the globe. Unfortunately tags get ripped off or become illegible, resulting in millions of mishandled bags every year.

We want to solve that problem by introducing biometrics to baggage in air travel, just like facial biometrics did a few years ago. Complementary to barcode scanners we will have cameras in place in airports (baggage handling systems) to support identification, sorting and re-identification of the millions of bags passing through.

Up until the middle of this year we were a stealth start-up. We proofed out a trial system and gathered interest in the industry to start pioneering with us. We’re now moving to the next exciting stage: building out a solid software architecture and rolling the system out to airports across the globe.

Role Description/Mission:

After developing tests and a prototype in Eindhoven Airport, we are now scaling up. BagsID has built a dedicated computer vision team and are looking to complete the team with an experienced Senior Data Engineer. You will work closely with our Computer Vision Engineer, and as a team you will be complemented with our AI lead as well as a dedicated project manager.

Besides the Computer Vision team and our HQ teams (CEO, Marketing and Commercial) in the Netherlands, we have a global setup. Our dedicated team in the USA focus on Cloud & Infrastructure and product roadmap, and our dynamic team in India focus on Application Development. The teams are rapidly expanding with over 10 people already in place and more to follow.

Technical Requirements:

Programming skills:

  • Strong programming skills in Python (PEP-8/20, Maintainable and readable code). Experience in any other programming language is a plus
  • Bash scripting, Testing (TDD), Q&A, Git
  • Collaboration and process skills
  • Working in a software team (tools & processes) - e.g., Scrum/Agile environments, JIRA
  • Role of Data engineer within larger integrated software (AI) team
  • Excellent English language proficiency

Data Engineering:

  • Experience building ETL data pipelines for computer vision applications
  • Familiar with streaming and batch processing of data and have experience working with frameworks like Databricks, Kafka, Airflow, Spark, Hadoop.
  • Hands-on experience in setting up, maintaining and developing interfaces to SQL and no SQL databases
  • Experience with Big Data, data pipelines and Cloud experience: production systems will be on Azure, training on GCP
  • Understands edge processing (hardware constraints), docker wrapping, knowledge of REST/API services
  • Generic neural network packaging, deployment & maintenance is a plus
  • Data engineering certification (e.g., IBM Certified Data Engineer) is a plus Vision specific (nice to have)
  • Generic neural network packaging, deployment & maintenance is a plus
  • Data engineering certification (e.g., IBM Certified Data Engineer) is a plus

Vision specific (nice to have)

  • Design & approach to vision problems
  • CUDA, AWS / GCP / Azure machine or deep learning platforms
  • Classic "OpenCV (and similar)" style things, limitations and applicability of traditional vision algorithms
  • ML and related content: Deep learning: (Similarity, CNNs & Vision transformers), Self/unsupervised learning
  • Knowledge of camera (e.g., CCD), Lens, Optics (human vs. machine vision)
  • Matching & vision algorithms

BagsID aims to make an inclusive workplace for everyone, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion and belief or non-belief. We believe our collective differences make us stronger. When companies champion inclusivity, they are themselves more diverse and that’s good for business.


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