BagsID and Brock Solutions: Revolutionising Baggage Management

18 August, 2023

With increasing passenger volumes and evolving regulations, airports and airlines require innovative technologies to optimise operations, enhance security, reduce mishandled baggage, and promote positive passenger experiences.

The aviation industry is constantly updated with technological advancements driving efficiency and with systems in place to help enhance passenger experiences. One specific area within the industry currently undergoing major technological change is baggage and the handling of baggage. As a company with the vision to make legacy baggage issues a thing of the past, we rely on strong partnerships to drive this forward. Luckily, we found another company that is just as passionate - Brock Solutions 

In an exciting partnership, BagsID and Brock Solutions work as two innovative companies, joining forces to revolutionise baggage management, offering a seamless and secure solution to improve the travel experience for passengers worldwide. 


BagsID: Reimagining Baggage Tracking 

At BagsID we like to think of ourselves as an innovative technology company specialising in baggage tracking and management solutions. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of lost luggage, we leverage state-of-the-art technologies, based around baggage profiling through imagery and AI, using cloud-based software.

Through our advanced tracking infrastructure, we enable real-time monitoring of baggage throughout the entire journey. This technology eliminates the need for manual scanning and ensures accurate tracking from check-in to arrival, providing peace of mind to both passengers and airlines alike.

Our technology works as a smart camera and tracking system. Using images of bags to connect tracking to that bag, we work alongside other technology to help enable our systems into airports. One of these systems is Brock Solutions’ SmartSuite platform.  


Brock Solutions: Pioneers in Airport Operational Systems 

Brock Solutions is a renowned leader in providing comprehensive aviation operations management systems. With their expertise in automation, data integration, and process optimisation, they have successfully transformed aviation operations globally.

Brock Solutions offers a suite of solutions designed to streamline various processes, including baggage handling, security, passenger flow management, and more. Their software systems provide real-time visibility into operations, enabling airports to proactively address challenges and enhance efficiency. 

With over 750 employees worldwide, Brock Solutions is a global automation, operational software, and professional services company. Their solutions empower clients across the globe to transform their organisation into a data driven operation, improving performance, profitability, efficiency, and excellence. 

Brock Solutions has been building on their extensive operations technology experience from various industries since the 1990’s. They entered the airline and baggage market about 20 years ago, primed with a unique perspective on automation.  

How BagsID & Brock Solutions Work Together  

Brock solutions offers SmartSuite, a software platform that provides a wide range of repeatable solutions for passenger processing and baggage handling. Trusted by many of the world’s largest airports and airlines, their solutions provide ramp and operational automation as well as end-to-end tracking of passengers and their baggage. The benefit to airports and airlines is that SmartSuite provides a real-time, single-pane-of-glass view into the baggage operation of an airport or an entire airline network.  

The partnership between BagsID and Brock Solutions marks a significant step forward in the evolution of airport baggage management. By combining BagsID's innovative baggage tracking technology with Brock Solutions' robust SmartSuite operations management system, the collaboration aims to revolutionise the way baggage is handled within the aviation industry. 

The integration of BagsID's baggage tracking technology into Brock Solutions' comprehensive airport management system creates a powerful synergy. This integration allows airports and airlines to seamlessly track and manage baggage from check-in to destination, enhancing efficiency, reducing mishandling, and improving the passenger experience. 

Richard Camman, BagsID CEO says:  

“The partnership between Brock Solutions and BagsID has been invaluable as we share a common vision for the future of baggage. Our data-driven solutions complement each other seamlessly, providing the industry with comprehensive, end-to-end management and tracking of baggage. Together, Brock Solutions and BagsID are poised to shape the future of baggage, offering advanced solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, and passenger satisfaction.”  


Benefits for Passengers and Airlines 

  1. Improved Baggage Tracking: Passengers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their baggage is being accurately tracked in real-time throughout the entire journey. This minimises the risk of lost or mishandled bags, ensuring a smoother travel experience. 

  1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Airlines and airports can optimise their baggage handling processes, leading to reduced delays, minimised manual intervention, and improved operational efficiency. Real-time visibility into baggage status allows for proactive measures to address any issues that may arise. 

  1. Seamless Integration: The integration of BagsID's technology with Brock Solutions' airport management system offers a seamless and integrated solution. This ensures a smooth flow of data, allowing for enhanced coordination between airlines, airports, and ground handling agents. 

  1. Passenger Satisfaction: By minimising baggage-related issues, this partnership aims to enhance passenger satisfaction. Passengers can expect fewer instances of lost or delayed luggage, leading to a more positive overall travel experience.  

Looking Ahead: The Future of Baggage Management 

The partnership between BagsID and Brock Solutions paves the way for a new era of baggage management in the aviation industry. By leveraging innovative technology and an integrated approach to airport operations, they are set to revolutionise the way baggage is tracked, handled, and delivered.   

As technology continues to advance, we can expect further innovations in baggage management systems. The collaboration between BagsID and Brock Solutions serves as a testament to the transformative power of partnerships within the aviation industry, benefiting passengers, airlines, and airports alike. 

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