TeamTalk - Meet Peter Nagy, VP Data Engineering

28 July, 2023

Peter Nagy has been fascinated by technology since a young age, and as a result he’s turned his passion into a career within the aviation industry. Born in Egypt, Peter now lives in the Netherlands where he first travelled just as as the pandemic hit. In fact, Peter’s flight was the last flight into the Netherlands, just as they closed the borders.

Born in the 90’s in what he describes as “the golden era”, Peter grew up in a time where limited households had access to the internet. It's fair to say that Peter has witnessed incredible change in his lifetime, and is part of the generation who have lived life with, and without the internet, mobile phones, and a whole host of other technological advances that we take for granted today. With a career in the aviation industry within the data and technology space, it’s fair to say that Peter really has embraced the future!.

Peter was captivated at an early age by technology, and knew he wanted to pursue a career as a computer engineer between the ages of ten and eleven. 

His lifelong passion to learn about technology paved the way for him to start studying computer engineering in college. Later, when he yearned for more in-depth knowledge, he also embarked on a Masters degree, to get the most amount of knowledge and information he could about this fascinating subject.

Peter quickly came to realise that it's not just technology that's important, it's the data behind it too. He recognised that understanding data is vital, as the uses for  data are endless. Hence his desired career shift from computer engineer to  data engineering. He describes data as “the motivator, the controller, the thing that makes people move right or left”.

In terms of overall technology, Peter agrees with Prabu that AI is going to see expansion and evolution; however, in his opinion he says that AI isn’t yet mature enough to be a powerful source on its own. Although, he warns those who like to stick to traditions that failure to keep up-to-date with AI’s advancements will soon enough mean that those individuals will get left behind as the technology world moves on without them. 

As an honourable member of the Scouts and with a desire to be part of an innovative creative setup, Peter joined the team at BagsID. He says he was drawn in by the company's aspiration to change people's lives and make it easier to travel. This is linked directly to Peter’s personal life too, as a frequent traveller he says one of his worst fears is losing his belongings.

Within BagsID, Peter is excited about the growth that is yet to come. 

With a keen interest in BagsID success, Peter says the progression towards “building something that's going to cause media heat” is what excites him and gets him out of bed in the morning. He realised “ok we're changing the world, that’s not an easy thing to do!”

Looking forward to the future, Peter knows he’ll look back and think “I helped to change the aviation system, something that affects six billion people worldwide.”

Peter reveals that the one piece of advice that sticks with him, he actually taught himself - as he learnt it “the hard way”. He stresses the importance of collaboration and using other team members' success as a source of motivation, instead of viewing them as competition. He also sets us all a reminder to not be too harsh on ourselves, which we’re all guilty of sometimes.

With a love for travelling and exploring new places, Peter has a bucket-list wish to one day visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Luckily when his dream comes true, he won't have to worry about the one thing that terrifies him the most: losing his luggage! 

And as for what's next for Peter within BagsID, he’s keeping his work mainly under wraps; however, he did hint that he’s currently preparing data for something important and exciting involving AI.

Peter may have been born in a time featuring little-to-no technology within households; however, this was also the time that Concorde was completing its fastest transatlantic crossing. The advancements and changes in not just the technology sector, but the aviation industry too, have been exponential and it's unpredictable where the two will be, even in the near future. 

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