Team Talk - Meet Tsveti Ikonomova, Senior Deep Learning Engineer

26 April, 2023

Tsveti Ikonomova knows how to keep up with AI trends, and is excited to put them to use in her role at BagsID.

As a Senior Deep Learning Engineer, Tsveti has to have a lot of knowledge about technology, especially advancing technology. Luckily for her, she finds working as a woman in tech to be an exhilarating experience, and has been an amazing addition to our team after just 3 months of starting. 

Tsveti started off her career with computer programming. Working as a software engineer, first developing the front-end of websites, and then the back-end, she started to feel invested to go even further within the technology route. “I was more interested in how things work end-to-end within an application,” says Tsveti. 

This brought her to what she felt was the natural next step, the world of data. Working with big databases and analysing data got her invested and taking a personal interest in AI. When she started to realise that AI was a passion she could use within her career, she immediately took an internship working within AI, and started taking courses. 

Tsveti really appreciates the academic side of AI, and accredits most of her inspiration to online courses from Andrew NG (DeepLearning.AI, Stanford University). Tsveti says, “he democratised deep learning and AI by making his online courses accessible.” 

As an avid traveller herself, Tsveti has always realised there was a need to improve travelling experiences with technology. Coming to work at BagsID has been a great way for her to strengthen and showcase her knowledge of AI and implement it within the aviation industry. 

Within the world of AI, Tsveti is more excited about how people can use AI to help them be more efficient and do a better job. Tsveti says, ‘The first step is learning how to use it, then the next step is how to integrate it. We can apply it in a lot of different use cases.” 

While AI is advancing, there is a level of privacy and legislation that Tsveti feels like is missing. Chat GPT has taken off, and Tsveti imagines that other areas of AI will also take off including voice, image, and sound generation. While this can be used to better improve standardised operations, it also can be abused. 

Tsveti says, “I think people are starting to understand how important privacy laws are, and how we need new laws and new regulations that cover these areas. The technology is already moving pretty fast, we need to have measures as soon as possible in order to ensure protection.” 

We love to have someone on our team who is so passionate about innovation and changing the world, while also taking ethical standards into consideration! Tsveti tells us a piece of advice sticks with her from a day to day basis. 

If you want something, go for it - don’t overthink it and don’t worry too much. With passion, hard work, and a little planning you can do everything you want.  

She encourages this especially to other women wanting to work within technology or with an interest in technology. She wants women to know that there is definitely a place for them in the tech industry, and it is more exhilarating than they might think it is to be working on cutting edge technology innovations!

We can’t wait to show you more of the work that Tsveti is helping BagsID accomplish. Let’s just say, we think she will definitely be hopping on a plane soon for a well-deserved break in her favourite country - Italy. 

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