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BagsID Appoints Dave Bakker as Chief Executive Officer

6 September, 2022

BagsID today announced the appointment of Dave Bakker as Chief Executive Officer.

Tech Talk: Load and Balance Systems – (LBS)

14 April, 2022

Here we take a look at Load and Balance Systems (LBS). The final piece in the jigsaw that ensures that the plane gets of...

Tech Talk: Baggage Reconciliation Systems – (BRS)

16 March, 2022

The Baggage Reconciliation System is responsible for making sure only the correct bags are loaded onto aircraft. Below w...

Tech Talk: The Role of Baggage Handling Systems – (BHS)

10 March, 2022

The baggage handling system is arguably the most important part of the bag journey. Below we talk through what it is, wh...

Tech Talk: Departure Control Systems

2 March, 2022

The aviation industry is full of systems each with its own acronym, along with its own vitally important role and respon...

Team Talk – Meet Desiree Dekker, Management Assistant

26 November, 2021

Desiree Dekker is not just the center of our company, she’s the heart of it too.

Plane talking: Time to board

4 October, 2021

As part of our series on the passenger journey we take a look at the boarding process.

Team Talk – Meet Adrienne Denaro, Global Communications Director

4 October, 2021

For Adrienne Denaro, creator of the BagsID brand voice and our Global Communications Director, the world is an exciting ...

Plane talking: Check-in and bag drop

27 September, 2021

As part of our series on the passenger journey we take a look at check-in and bag drop.

Plane talking: What happens before your flight can take-off

24 September, 2021

As part of our series on the passenger journey we take a look at what needs to happen before an aircraft, and passengers...

Team Talk – Meet Erik van Breusegem, CTO & Head of Artificial Intelligence

4 September, 2021

Since the beginning of time, humankind has wanted to predict the future.

Electric Aviation and Net Zero Flights: The Future of Air Travel?

27 August, 2021

With millions of planes flying around the world each and every year, air travel is a large contributor to the climate cr...

Does Resolution 753 really signal the end of lost baggage?

30 July, 2021

Since June 2018, all IATA members have to comply with a resolution on baggage tracking called Resolution 753.

Team Talk – Meet Richard Vandy, Vice President of Systems Integration

8 July, 2021

For Richard Vandy, the past year has been quite extraordinary. When the pandemic hit, most people thought it would be ju...

Fostering innovation

8 July, 2021

Innovation is the catalyst to business growth, both when starting up and to keeping your existing business profitable.

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